Registration at ursRun.com

The registration at urs.Run.com is possible any time. You should register as early as possible, so you save time with the actual registration.

Login with ursRun.com

Below you can open your login, please register and record your dogs. Once you have entered all the data, your registration will be easier and faster.

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  1.  Before Registration– sign up on ursRun.com
  2. The registration for the Swiss Agility Cup will be opened annually on the 4th Wednesday   in January at 11p
  3.  The registration for the Camping could be done later, but at latest on the 31th of January
  4. After successfull registration you will recieve an automatic confirmation mail.
  5. First all participants are on the waitinglist
  6. On friday we will puplish the updated list of participants
  7. If you receive a bill, and pay it in time you are allowed to start at the Swiss Agility Cup
  8. If the payment is not made in time , you will loose your strating spot and the next Team from the waitinglist will be move up
  9. You will receive your bill at latest on the 21th of February
  10. The bill must be payed at latest on the 24th of March
  11. If we have received your payment then you will have your safe starting spot
  12. you have to check your repayment insurance at latest till 31th of January per dog

Starting fee

  • 235 CHF per week/ dog for all runs, 17 in total

Consideration of application

Following criteria will be considered for the application
  1. The receive of the application at ursRun.com
  2. That we have received your payment in time
  • The drawen participants from the previous year have their guaranteed starting spot.
  • Each of the Premium Sponsors has 3 starting spots available.
  • The current judges of the Swiss Agility Cup have their starting spots.
  • The organizing committee is giving starting spots to the obligated veterinarians and Special helpers.


  1. Login
  2. choose your language, take the sign in link, currently it is closed but will be opened at the day of Registration.
  3. Choose your dog
  4. Choose insurance yes/no
  5. Accept the GTC´s
  6. cklick Register


  1. Login
  2. Choose your language, take the button for Camping
  3. Camping yes/no
  4. Choose Caravan,Camper or Tent
  5. Please write dowen your prefered Camping group and the name of the group
  6. Accept the GTC´s
  7. cklick Register


  1. Login
  2. Choose your language, take the link my Dogs, choose the dog you would insurance.
  3. Choose insurance yes/no
  4. Accept the GTC´s
  5. Take the button Register change


We would like the participants…

  • to wear the starting number visible, it will help us to keep the process correctly and every participant knows who is starting next.
  • to keep the timetable, briefings will be held as written on the timetable. If a participant runs with several dogs, please find a solution with the guide.
  • If we need you as a helper please be in time. Please note the helper list given to you at the check in with your starting number, you will find a  daily up date hanging on the window  at the clubhouse.

Collaboration as a helper…..

Each participant  is obligated to assist as a helper. It is guaranteed that you can run each of your runs in time. Every  helper receives a little “thank you” for the collaboration and for each further use 5 CHF.

Number of participants

For organizational reasons, the Swiss-Agility-Cup.ch is limited to the maximum number of 320 teams. The following quota is available per class and category.

Young dogs who do not  have a Swiss license

For the participants from Switzerland, who want to start with their young dogs and do not yet have a license for this dog, must request the license number before signing up. Only dogs with licens numbers can be registered for competitions in ursRun.com, The licens number must be valid.

Confirmation and invoice

After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation mail. Until the 21th of February the invoices will be sent (Switzerland, Liechtenstein by mail / abroad by mail). Only with the payment of the invoice the participation authorization becomes active.
Registrations whose invoice has not been paid by 24th of March will be automatically canceled. The next team moves from the waiting list.

Keep your dog on the leash !

During the whole week , on the camping site, competition area and 1 kilometer around the Place where the competiton is held (walk) is it on your duty to keep yor dog on the leash. Access to the nature reserve is prohibited. Note that it is mainly during the dawn and in the night taht there are many wild animals araound (deer, foxes, hares and badgers). Please protect the cultivated land (high grass, grain, vegetables) and do not let your dog off the leash !!!!!!

Dog´s and their “buisness”

dog-owner must ensure that dog dirt is disposed to the waste and not be left at the end of the path!

Rent the hall

If you want to train in the hall with your dog can rent the hall in the free time. For the inquiry at the halls rent send E-Mail to Martin Jenny.

Check in

You can check in on Saturday between 5 pm and 7 pm at the clubhouse/ office. Teams arriving on Sundays can check in until 11 am.

The competition office

The competition office is closed every day from 11 am to 2 pm.

Prize giving ceremony

On competition days the prize giving ceremony will be held at the clubhous at 6 pm. The first 5 teams and the first 10 % receive a nice prize for each run. It’s worth coming to the ceremony,  every evening exiting prizes will wait for you .the prizes could not be taken for you , you have to be there in person .Whoever is not there can not win a prize. We would be happy to see all participants at the ceremony, sitting comfortably together and having fun.
On Sunday the beer and mineral water are  free of charge!!


The veterinarians Imelda & Rico Vanini are available f during the Swiss-Agility-Cup.ch period. In case of emergency please contact the competition office.

Catering and bread service

The Bistro Bello is open on all  days of competition from 7.15 am – 5.30 pm and provide food and drinks for your well-being. Bistro Bello also offers a bread service. This means you can order fresh bread, croissants and rolls every day and pick up from 7.15 am at Bistro ..

Order closing:
Saturday 3 pm for Sunday
Sunday 11.30 am for Monday
Monday – Friday 6 pm
You get your oder list at Bistro Bello.

Colourful Evening

Who has time and desire, can spend the evening with us on Tuesday evening from 7.30 pm with a cozy, humorous evening. To the musical entertainment of Philipp Kanjo there is the possibility to eat with traditional Swiss Raclette. At the check in you will receive a registration for the order of the raclette. Of course you can also be there without eating, chatting, listening to music, dancing and having a party.


Payment can be made on the whole territory only with CHF..

Helicopter flight

Wednesday is the day off. When the weather is fine you can book a helicopter flight, If you are interested, sign up for the helicopter  at the Bistro Bello ,Pascal Jenny is the Pilot.

Check out

Teams which are no  longer competing at the Swiss-Agility-Cup.ch, can take their workingbooks one hour after the last run in the competition office. On the last day of the competition, the workingbooks must be taken at last at 8 pm ..

Camping area

The camping area (5) is located on the training ground. Power distributation boxes are available. Please share the  connection for power supply with your neighbors and help each other!

  • The camping area opens on Saturday the 3thof August from 8 am to 8 pm
  • There is no possibility to go to the camping area earlier.
  • You have to leave the camping area on the last sunday until 3 pm
  • Camping fee: 220 CHF per week/parcel
  • Parcel 8 m x 6 m
  • Includes electricity and shower
  • Camping area is limited to a maximum of 155

Vehicles on the area

Cars must be parked outside the camping area. During the competition (8 am – 6 pm) you are not allowed to move your car on the whole area. Thank you for your understandig.

Keep it clean

Please keep the whole area clean and use the rubbish bins !!!. Please  separate the waste!

Location plan

  1. Clubhouse/Competition office/you get your starting number here/prize giving ceremony
  2. Bistro Bello/Showers/Toilets
  3. Agility hall
  4. Agility ring
  5. Camping area
  6. Showers/Sink
  7. Wastewater disposal/chemical toilets


  • Drinking water is available on the area at the following locations:
    • at the clubhouse (on the north side, along the facade towards the road)
    • at the operation building of the hall (at the entrances)
  • Toilets are located:
    • at the clubhouse (1)
    • in the training hall (2)
  • Showers are located:
    • in the training hall (2)
    • in the shower container (6)
  • Washing facilities are located:
    • next to the shower container (6)

Wastewater and chemical toilets can be disposed in the old factory (7).

Adapter for electrical outlet

Please bring your adapter for the Swiss electrical outlet.


Insurance for repayment

Repayment of already paid competition and camping fees can only be made if repayment insurance has been concluded before. The 100% repayment insurance costs 20.- CHF per dog and can be selected during the registration on ursRun.com. Without this guarantee no fees will be refunded!

  • This insurance must be concluded per dog.
  • Only with this insurance the start and the camping fees will be refunded.
  • The insurance amount itself is not refunded.
  • The insurance must be concluded until the  31th of January of the current year.

Insurance coverage

  • until 1th of July, 19 100% repayment
  • 50% repayment until the 25thof July 19
  • No repayment from 26th of July 19 on

Bank Account Details

Starting fee

  • 235 CHF per week/dog for all runs, 17 runs in total

Camping fee

  • 220 CHF per week/parcel


  • CHF 20.- per dog


  • When you are doing the payment you have to indicate have  your SAC-ID, if you deposit several SAC-ID’s please indicate each SAC-ID.
  • Other bank charges please to your expense otherwise we must demand these.

Thank you for your understanding.

Bank Account Details

BANK: Schwyzer Kantonalbank
IBAN: CH17 0077 7008 5347 5452 1
Swift Bic-Code: KBSZ CH 22
Clearing: 777

6422 Steinen